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Tonya Breland, Ed.D.

Specializing in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Why Equity, Why Now?

About Tonya

Dr. Breland is a highly respected National Award Winning Milken Educator and Educational Equity Leader with a proven track record of leading high quality initiatives, programming, and professional learning experiences for educational leaders and professionals to collaborate, network and exchange ideas, using the lens of equity.


Dr. Breland has been responsible for leading statewide Equity initiatives; Experienced in implementing and sharing research-based strategies and resources for educational leaders and educators to improve outcomes for students.

A champion for equity, Dr. Breland has developed a framework for building sustainable, system-wide equity planning.  Her research looked at the equitability of a large urban district through the perceptions of staff and leadership.  She explored the extent to which the district was equitable and culturally responsive, looking at perceptions, practices, policies, and allocation of resources during her organizational improvement study.


Dr. Breland has been instrumental in the turnaround efforts of under-performing schools by addressing inequities; Keen ability to establish vision and direction, leading and engaging diverse groups of stakeholders and partnerships.


Open the Door for More to Enter

Live Conversations Coming Soon...

I'm excited about the coming months.  I will be hosting live conversations with national leaders, scholars, authors in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion space.

What would you want to hear more about? 


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